Kansasten Family Book, Pin, Pennant and Memorial

Family book

The first genealogy book of the Kansanen Family "Leppävirran Kansaset - Sortavalasta Kerimäen ja Joroisten kautta Leppävirralle" was announced in connection with the family meeting on 11 July 2015. The book is the result of long-term and determined genealogy work and unyielding hard work. The book is hardcover and has 250 pages. The size of the book is 255 x 185 mm.

Preface to the Family Book:
"The first publication of the Kansanen Family society is in your hands. It has been done as a whole as a team effort. The greatest responsibility for making the book has been borne by the genealogy committee of the society: Eeva Fihlman, Pirkko Rantamäki, Tuomo Kansanen and the undersigned. Tytti Kansanen has taken care of the art of the book. The municipality of Leppävirta has supported the society with an operating grant in 2014 Our book contains a considerable amount of information about the family in pedigrees and articles. Hopefully, the book will activate family members to provide the missing information to the family society, both about the ancestors and the history of the family, to be published in the future.

I would like to thank all the information providers and especially the members of the genealogy committee and the forger for their great contribution to the benefit of the family members and the family society.

Tikkakoski May 31st 2015

Niilo Kansanen
Chairman of the Board of the Kanstane Family Society"

There are only a few copies of family books left, available to order from the Kansas store.

Kuvassa sukukirjatyöryhmä. Vasemmalta: Tytti Kansanen, Pirkko Rantamäki, Eeva Fihlman, Tuomo Kansane
Kuvassa sukukirjatyöryhmä. Vasemmalta: Tytti Kansanen, Pirkko Rantamäki, Eeva Fihlman, Tuomo Kansane

The Kansanen Family book workgroup. From left: Tytti Salmivainio, Pirkko Rantamäki, Eeva Fihlman, Tuomo Kansanen and Niilo Kansanen.

Family pin

The Family pin is a metallic, silver-colored, enameled needle pin with a butterfly attachment. The motif of the pin is the adapted letter K familiar from the Kansanen pennant, and the year is the birth year of Johan Kansas, the founder of the family, 1679. The height of the pin is 12 mm and the width is 6.4 mm.

Picture of the pin attached to the buttonhole on the right.

Pins are now available, order yours now from the Kansas store! The price of the pin is 10 euros and the shipping costs are 3 euros.


The Kansanen Family society has its own family Identifyer, which was implemented in the form of a table standard in 1988 based on Tuomo Kansanen's draft proposal.

The blue and white pennant has an old-fashioned letter K on a white background to symbolize the family and below it the year of birth of Johan Kansas, the founder of the family, 1679. The blue stream in the middle represents Leppävirta, the locality where the family has its roots. In the lower part, there is a corn cob and a scale, depicting the life work of the ancestors as farmers and merchants.


The Kansanen Family society also has a family memorial, which has been erected at the family's old residence on Nikkilänmäki in Leppävirta.

The unveiling ceremony of the monument was held on July 3, 1997 in connection with the family meeting.