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The Kansanen Family society was founded in 1961 in Leppävirta to act as a link between family members, to cherish its traditions and to promote a sense of belonging among family members. The club works e.g. by organizing family meetings, promoting family history research and preserving its memories, and keeping a list of people belonging to the family. Throughout its existence, the society has been doing genealogical research and collecting information about family members, also for the recent sukuma matrikkel, which was completed in the summer of 2015.

The family meeting is organized in odd-numbered years, as a rule, on the second Saturday of July, but quite freely during the summer season.

Every person descended from Johan Kansanen (1679-1748) and their spouses and children can become members of the society. The board of the family club can also accept as a member a person from outside the family who is interested in the activities of the family club. In order to be able to trace your connection to the Kansas family and complete our genealogy register, we kindly ask you to fill out the attached genealogy form as completely as possible. It would be good if the information you provided extended to at least those born at the end of the 19th century, if you are not already included in the genealogical society's database.

By clicking on the "FAMILY INFORMATION FORM" link on the box in this page, you can fill out the web genealogy form. Fill out the web form for each family member, family and generation.

After receiving the above-mentioned information, we can send your genealogy chart by e-mail to be checked and possibly supplemented. If e-mail does not work, we can agree on another method.

It should be emphasized that neither sending information nor obtaining ancestor information requires membership of our family club, although we certainly hope that all descendants of Johan Kansanen and his sons Kasper and Anton will join us.

We would be grateful if you could spread information about the existence of our Family society to other Kansanen family members (spouse, children, etc.) regardless of surname. For genealogy reasons, we are actually hoping for information on all Kansanen family members and their ancestors, even if they are not "Leppävirran Kansasia". However, common ancestors could be found!

If you have researched Kansanen family by yourself or if you know other such people, we would be interested in possible cooperation.

The Kansanen Family society warmly welcomes the new members to our small group!


Antti Kansanen, chairman
Matti Kansanen, vice chairman

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All the descendants of our ancestors and their family members can become members of the Kansanen Family society.

The society's membership fee is confirmed every other year at the family meeting. You can conveniently pay for the membership at the Kansas store.

By filling in the genealogy form about your family and, if necessary, your parents and grandparents, you will get a preliminary explanation of your possible descent from Johan Kansas (b.1679).