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The Kansanen Family society was founded in 1961 in Leppävirta to act as a link between family members, to cherish its traditions and to promote a sense of belonging among family members. The society works e.g. by organizing family meetings, promoting family history research and preserving its memories, and keeping a list of people belonging to the family.

Näkymä Leppävirralle
Näkymä Leppävirralle

Throughout its existence, the society has conducted genealogical research and collected information about family members, also for the sukuma matrickel completed in the summer of 2015: more information about the genealogy. The Kanstanen Sukukokuos is organized in odd-numbered years during the summer. Due to the global situation, the 60th anniversary meeting of the family society was held virtually on August 28, 2021. Next Kansanen Family Reunion will be held in July 29th, 2023, from 10 am. until 1 pm. in Kuopio Saana!

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